Energizer Bunny – putting the batteries Aug 4, 2014

Hey Family,

Hermana Monroe finished saying goodbye to Cisnes Monday evening and we both packed up all of our things and left the next morning on the 8 am bus. Hooray! She made it out alright and got back fine. She sent an email to our Papitos saying she got there safely but that the heat was KILLING her. Hahaha. Good stuff. Meanwhile, the rest of the flights were a little complicated so I got to wait for my new companion from Tuesday until Friday night when she finally got in. I spent the week with Hermana Pierce in Coyhaique and really had a lot of fun with her. I had the privelege of teaching a bunch of amazing people and even helping a beautiful lady (who supposedly is an eternal investigator) decide that it was time she get baptized. 🙂 She´s planning on getting baptized at the end of this month. 🙂
Oh and before I forget. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ARWEN AND MOM this week!!! I hope you gals have wonderful birthdays with lots of birthday cake! LOVE YOUUU!
Do you remember those energizer bunny comercials? They keep going and going and going. Well, I think that´s a great way of describing my new companion, Hermana Castillo. She´s  just a little ball of energy and fun. She´s from the northern part of Argentina and has a GREAT attitude. She´s one of 11 siblings! Wow! She´s a convert and the first missionary of her family. Her parents were baptised shortly before she came out on the mission. 🙂 Fun stuff. She´s just the kind of energy that I need right now. Love her already!
And to answer your questions from the other week….
The Latinas told me that the tea bag would help the redness I had (it got infected somehow in the journey)… It didn´t. But it was funny to take pictures.
The guy from Puerto Montt was an AMAZING investigator. He understood it all and was really excited to get baptized. He had a baptismal date all set apart and was excited to invite his children and share the gospel with them. But then he had to visit his sister in the North and when he came back we lost contact. Didn´t answer our calls… 😦 The Elders ran into him in their sector but he didn´t say much… Not a great story.
And yes, please continue to pray for Cata. Her family situation has gotten even more complicated. But she has a testimony, she just needs to take the leap of faith.
Love you!
-Hna Lethco

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