His Time. His Way. Happy Birthday. Oh, and breakup chocolate. :) July 28, 2014

Thank you to all for the beautiful birthday wishes. Really, it means a lot. 🙂 An insane storm came in just in time for my birthday – wind and pouring rain all day. Hahaha. In Coyhaique it snowed some 30-40 cm and the airport is closed (complications for my companion´s flight back to the U.S.? We´re praying not….). It certainly was the coldest and wettest cumpleaños (birthday) I´ve ever celebrated but it was warm with lots of hugs from our little Cisnes Branch. 🙂 Fun stuff. i woke up to a sweet scavenger hunt that my companion made for me in the house – each clue had a different type of chocolate attatched YUM! And at the end were majar filled crepes for breakfast. She skipped around me in circles singling happy birthday and then held up the candles we usually use in the bathroom to see in the shower and I got to blow them out and then she gave me her BEST scarf. 🙂 hermana Monroe is an angel. For sacrament meeting my companion played the piano and I directed the hymns (we switch off every other week). We both gave talks. I taught Sunday School. My companion said the prayer in Relief Society and then we both taught singing time in Primary. Hahah. A solid Sunday in Cisnes! Hahaha. For lunch our Papitos came out and sat down and ate lunch with us. They usually are working and don´t sit to eat with us but special for my birthday they did. It was an incredibly thoughtful gesture. It wasn´t anything special, just soup, but it was warm and it had lots of vegetables which have been my best friend here 🙂 In the afternoon we visited a handful of investigators and less actives, all who showed lots of love and we ate lemon pie in almost every house. Hahaha. Ah well… 🙂 And it was a fun little combined celebration because my companion heads back to the states tomorrow. 

As for the rest of the news… It´s been a week of lots of lessons. We had a bunch of really amazing people SET on going to church but then a bunch of really dramatic things happeneds to all of them. One got kicked out of her house. Another´s husband left her. It was all quite shocking. But we did all we could and the rest was just simply out of our hands. Agency is just a funny thing, isn´t it? I always joke and say it´s the enemy of missionary work. Hahaha. On Thursday we had a BUNCH of people drop us in different forms – one said she needed a break, another tried to tell us we should stop focusing on him but was a little confused about that request, another avoided us, another yelled at us in the street for lying and not coming the day before like we´d told her. So by 4 in the afternoon we already needed to stop and buy ´´break-up chocolate´´. I am learning MORE and MORE how much the mission is teaching me about relationships. Hahaha. Ohhhhh boy.
Thanks for your words about God taking care of me. You´re right. And I promise I won´t let it distract me from the work I´ve got to do here. If it doesn´t work out it just means that Heavenly Father has a different plan, and that´s alright. I´m learning a LOT about how Heavenly Father works and I´m trying really hard to better align my will with His. Or in all reality, I´m trying to give up my will and adopt His more specifically, I´m praying to be able to understand what Heavenly Father´s goals are for me in the time that I´ve got left. I´m praying that I can get that inspiration this week so that I can use His time with wisdom. 
Trust in His time and His way. Always. It´s the only way to have true inner peace.
-Hna Lethco

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