New President and all the Jazz July 7, 2014

Sorry, I had just started writing when the lady at the library got mad at us for being on the computer too long and kicked us off. Sigh. So we´re at a cyber now writing, though to be honest I hardly remember this week. We have some sweet new investigators including one guy that owns a little convenience store who is an ex-marine. Did  I tell you about him? Well, he´s basically become one of my all-time favorite people to teach. He just GETS the gospel. He´s not one of  those people that nods and says they get it. He listens and then when we get finished teaching a section he always says Okay, now here´s my question… It´s incredible. He´s HILARIOUS too. He was telling us about the World Cup Game and said that there was a CLEAR interference by divine powers at the end of the game because they were tied and then at the last second the ball went in. He said Argentina will always win because they´ve got the Pope praying for them. ´´And the U.S.? Looks like you´ll have to call up Joseph Smith and see if he can call in any favors.´´ I died laughing. And when we taught about the Fall of Adam and Eve… Oh man. But despite his jokes he really is interested and his questions are always really relevant and interesting. And he knows he´s stubborn and hard-headed and actually WANTS to know. So that´s great.

As for Cata, thanks for your prayers. Her father gave her permission. Just before we left for Osorno we had a lesson and she was sharing with us all of her favorite scriptures from the Book of Mormon. It was ADORABLE. She´s so ready! But then last night we saw her again and she said she was getting nervous because it´s a really big decision and she´s so young… So that´s kind of a rough thing, but keep her in your prayers please and we´re going to do all on our side to help her realize just how ready she really is. 🙂
So I´ve been doing lots of studying and lots of praying and to be quite honest I´m starting to get really stressed about all that I haven´t accomplished yet. I feel like my expectations and more importantly the expectations my Heavenly Father has set for me are so much higher than what I feel I´ve gotten to… And yet I´m trying not to stress myself out and run faster than that which I have strength. So what? What am I supposed to do? How can I know what Heavenly Father sees in me for this time that I have left and how can I accomplish it? Some big questions that hopefully can have answers in the near future…
Happy Bday to Emily and to the U.S.A. (abbreviated in Spanish EEUU). We sang a solid Star Spangled Banner in our leadership meeting on Friday for our new President. 🙂 Uncle Sam would be proud 
-Hna Lethco



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