Missed buses July 14, 2014

So this week was incredible and it flew by incredibly quickly. TOO quickly! First thing´s first, Monday night Cata had a freak out. Turns out she´s getting lots of pressure from ALL sides and very little support so she backed out of her interview. We´re still working with her, of course. She’s completely ready. She just needs to make the decision. Meanwhile we´re praying lots and trying to help her have the confidence in herself to take that step. 

We teach this lady from Columbia that is perhaps one of the most beautiful people I´ve ever met. She works here to be able to support her family there because it´s nearly impossible to get work in Columbia and actually be able to support your family. She decided that when she can finally leave here she is going to go to Columbia and get baptized. She really has changed so much. Last night we had a really spiritual lesson where we were all crying and she told us that she had really seen a lot of changes in herself. 🙂 We may not be able to be there for her baptism but we had the priveledge of being there for her conversion.
This week was the week of missed buses. We were scheduled to go have exchanges (intercambios) with the sisters in Coyhaique on Thursday and the sisters in Puerto Aysen Friday but we accidentally slept in and missed the bus. I actually woke up when the sisters from Coyhaique called at 7:20 to ask when we´d be arriving. We threw on our clothes and sprinted with all of our bags and backpacks across the town to try to get the 8am bus to Coyhaique before it left but it was full so it didn´t even stop. That´s the thing about Puerto Cisnes. There are only two buses – one at 6am and one at 8am and if you miss it you have to wait until the next day. AND pay a little fee… Woof. Well, it was an expensive mistake because it looks like we´ll have to go back to Coyhaique this week. But Puerto Aysen was beautiful and we made it in time for THAT bus. I enjoyed leaving with Hermana Revelo (from Columbia) in the afternoon. She´s WAY fun and way dilligent so it was great. 
Saturday morning we had interviews with the new President, President Obeso (yes, that does mean Obese in Spanish) but the weekend schedule was different so we showed up 10 minutes late and missed that bus making us a full hour and a half late for itnerviews. Ah well. Like I said, missing buses was the theme of this week. When we did make it there was a little meeting with all of our Zone and President Obeso and his wife so that everyone could meet them. Then, while we were waiting to have our interviews Sister Obeso (who at one point was a gym instructor) taught us all how to dance for exercises. When it was our turn we would just excuse ourselves from the dance and have our interview. Hahaha. I ended up going in to my interview without shoes but President said not to worry. Hahaha. LOTS of fun. 🙂 President asked all the sisters to stay after the interviews so he could give us a talking… So we all waited and when he finished the last interveiw he said that President Eyring had instructed him to take care of the sister missionaries. And so he felt that he needed to Chiquear us (not sure on the spelling, it´s a new word for me). He looked at me and asked if I understood the term and I told him no which was good because not even the latinas knew what it meant. In a jist, it´s the Mexican word for spoil. So he put all six of us in his car with his wife and took us to this famous pastry shop in Coyhaique and bought us all whatever pastry we wanted and then bought us all another one to bring home. It was ADORABLE. 🙂 
We´re making lots of progress with the members and gaining thier confidence. The switch of having Sisters instead of Elders has been a little difficult for them but I think it´s healthy. And it´s a learning process that just requires lots of patience.
Well, that´s all I´ve got time for!
Love you!
Hna Lethco
P.S.- Chileans wash their clothes with a normal washing machine and laundry detergent. The only difference is that not everyone has dryers. In fact dryers are VERY few and far between. The majority just hang them over thier fires and dry them like that. The only real SMELL will be the smoke. When you see me I´ll probably smell like I´ve either been at camp or that I´ve picked up a smoking habit – don´t worry, I´ve just been in southern Chile. 🙂

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