Many are called but few are FROZEN June 9, 2014

I think that´s quite a fitting title for a week of nearly all low 20 degree weather. It would have snowed LONG ago but since we´re right next to the ocean it´s way too humid to snow. Yup. I´m a popscicle. I took the attached picture when we went up to Purranque to help out some sister missionaries with health problems. We were FREEZING waiting for the bus. Hahaha.
This week had its fair share of ups  and downs but certainly I´m excited to share the highlights. 🙂 Ready??
So last Monday we were out knocking doors, freezing of course. Everyone was surprizingly nice but nobody wanted to talk to us because it was in fact so cold. Still, a number of people told us we were welcome back another day and they really seemed to mean it. We had some 4 or 5 houses left to finish the street when all of the sudden this thought came to my mind that we should visit the woman we helped some two weeks back bring in her firewood. So I figured sure, we´ll just finish knocking these last couple doors and then head that way. I went to knock the next house and before I got there my companion was like, ´´Hey, we should go visit that lady we helped with her firewood.´´ Huh. Go fig. Two witnesses is good enough for me! So we went straight there. As we approached the house we could see for afar off that they were actually all outside and it looked like they had company over too. I was a little disappointed because normally when someone has company they ask us to just come back another day. I mentioned to my companion that maybe we should just try another night to which she responded, ´´No. Let´s just go say hi.´´ Ooookay, here we go! So we go up to the fence (keep in mind it´s already dark and it’s freezing and we´re in ALL black) and we´re like ´´HOLA!´´ They turn around and said, ´´Hey! Come on in!´´ What?! I know, right? Hahaha. So we went in the gate and they hand us forks and demand us to eat with them. They were barbequing! And so we began to eat this DELICIOUS bbq meat and get to know them. They felt WAY more comfortable and it was funny because they said that missionaries had passed by a million times but they had always turned them down. But it just so happened that we had been guided to them in a moment when we could show them that we´re just normal people and that we really do want what´s best. 🙂
Another night we were out and it was already dark and I suddenly decided to knock a certain door. It was the first door we´d knocked that night. A middle aged man answered the door and before we could say anything he called to us, “Push hard on the gate and it´ll open.” So we did and then went right up to his door, not quite sure what to expect (perhaps he had mistaken us for someone he knew?). ´´It´s very cold and rainy. Go ahead and leave your wet things out here and then come on in where it´s warm.´´ So we did and when we went in the house, he offered us something warm to drink (which we accepted) and then the three of us sat down. He is a pastor from a church that is known to be quite anti´mormon but not once did he say anything against us or the church. We just sat and talked. About what it means to be a disciple of christ, about service, about the spirit. He said that he as a person had gone through a tremendous change of heart. ´´A few years  back, perhaps even months back if you would have knocked my door  I would have come out yelling at you about this or that about how you´re wrong, etc. But not today. Today I pray to be able to see you as God sees you. As daughters of God. Very precious daughters of God. Doing the very best you can to serve Him.´´ It was one of the most spiritual conversations I´ve ever had the first time meeting someone. At the end he offered a very heartfelt sincere prayer for our safety and wellbeing. I have so much love and respect for this stranger who reached out to us on that cold night. 
Towards the end of the week stress and a few other things were causing me to be quite unhappy and I prayed for the opportunity to serve in some way that we hadn´t planned. Then we were walking to visit someone we´d met and we saw a man working on bringing back a huge pile of wood alone. So we stopped to offer our help. At first he seemed a little annoyed and turned down our offer but when I boldly nearly demanded him to let us help (still not sure what got into me) he said yes. And after helping I just FELT better. Even though we didn´t ask he invited us in, served us some orange fanta (thought mom might like that detail) and started talking to us about everything he feels. His hopes dreams, fears, beliefs, doubts. It was incredible. 
We so desperately need to find new investigators and so we´re working a lot on finding this week. Transfers are next week. We both think  my comp is leaving and I´m staying but we´ll see…
-Hna Lethco

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