Ch-ch-ch-changessssss June 16, 2014

So first thing´s first. Congrats to Braxton on his graduation and good luck with the move! I´m so excited for you guys and this new adventure!

This week we FINALLY had our zone conference with President Rappleye and his wife. It was their last one. They´ve only got a week or two left and then they´re headed home. As you can imagine the conference was absolutely amazing. Sister Rappleye started by showing us pictures of her children and telling us all about them. They adopted a boy when they were living in Brazil who died at age 3. He would be about mission age now and so she talked about how hard it was at first (obviously) but then she clicked the slideshow to a picture of all of us missionaries when we were at the conference with Elder Ballard and said, ´´Now, instead of having 1 missionary we have 270 missionaries.´´ It was one of the most beatuiful gestures ever.  To show us in this simple way that they considered us their children. My heart is just so full of gratitutde for them and their wonderful service.  President Rappleye talked about the meaning of real growth and about how our mission has one of the highest retention rates in all of Southern America. So perhaps we´re not baptizing as much as the other missions but the people that do get baptized are here to stay. And then he talked about having a ´´host vs guest mindset´´. A person with a guest mindset is there to enjoy the things that are good and to complain about what isn´t right. They let the things happen and wait around for someone to cater to them. Meanwhile there are others who have a ´´host mindset´´. The host is the one making things happen! He´s running around at the party making sure there are enough empenadas (that´s one of my favorite Chilean foods, hahaha) and making sure everything runs smoothly. He said ´´You don´t have to be the host to have a host mindset. Just go to the person who IS the host and offer your help and then work according to that visión.´´  A normal worker finished the bare necesities and then waits around until their shift is up. A person who understands the visión of the company is working until the very last second so that they can help the company get where it wants to be. See the difference? I think it really applies to all of us, missionaries or not. We can go round responding to what life or situations or circumstances give us or we can choose to change things. After the conference President and Sister Rappleye said goodbye to us one by one with a hug. That´s right, I got to hug a man on my mission. Hahaha. 🙂

Saturday night we brought a sister we´ve never asked to come with us to one of our lessons. This is an investigator that we´ve been teaching for some time now and she´s so great but we always felt there was something missing. We´d decided to go back and reteach the restoration even though according to her teaching record she already understood it all. So when we got there she had already read and completely understood everything and so we just talked about it and what it meant for her and for her family. She admitted that she had her doubts but understood that the Book of Mormon is the biggest evidence that the góspel of Jesus Christ has been restored. It just kind of seemed to click WHY she should be eagerly seeking and reading and praying and also why she should go to church. She admitted that she hadn´t been seeking as eagerly and she thinks God wants in order to give her the answer she wants. It was AMAZING. And then somehow our lesson slash conversation got to all of the organizations in the church like Relief Society and what visiting teaching is and what Primary and Young Womens are and I was just kind of shocked because all of the sudden I looked at her and in my head I thought, ´´You´re going to be a part of this a lot sooner than you think. You are so READY for this góspel.´´ And it´s so true!  My companion even noted where the temple picture is probably going to be hanging up (she´s got the perfect place on the wall and everything!). Hahaha. But really. So at the end of the lesson we committed her to church and she said she would come. And she did! And not just her either but her entire family! Well, her and her three kids because her husband works outside of the city and only comes back every couple of weeks. Anyways, it was a tremendously rewarding thing.

As for other news… I´m getting transferred.  I was sure I was going to stay and finish my mission here in this sector but it looks like the Lord has other plans for me. And actually plans that I LEAST expect. He´s called me to be a sister training leader in Coyhaike (Coy – eye-kay). Wow. Coyhaike is the only other place besides Punta Arenas that you have to travel to by plane so Wednesday I’m getting on a plane YET AGAIN. Hahaha. It´s a good thing I like planes because EVERY transfer I´ve had here in the mission I´ve had to travel by plane. Hahaha. I´m actually not going to be in the city Coyhaike. My sector is called Puerto Cisnes (Seas-ness) which means Swans Port. When President Rappleye called to tell me about my new assignment he said it was one of the absolutely prettiest places in the entire mission. Wow. Very cool. It´s a LITTLE TEENSY WEENSY town about three hours outside of the city. Aka I´m going MONTHLY grocery shopping instead of weekly. My companion Hermana Monroe is absolutely ADORABLE and way nice. She finishes her mission this transfer so it´ll be fun to be about to serve with her and learn from her.

Well, lots of exciting changes are in the makes. Also, I talked to President about my reléase date. He emailed me today to let me know that it´s officially changed to the 21 of August. I´d prefer not to hear anything about the end until I´m there in the airport, yeah? 🙂  Don´t get trunkie PLEASE. But I figured you´d kill me if I didn´t tell you.

Love you all, Have a great week.

-Hna Lethco


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