Things to be grateful for May 19, 2014

Things to be grateful for:

Health. Being the companion of the mission nurse sure has made me really grateful that I`m healthy. That I can walk and run and talk and eat and hear and see and breath and feel. All of these things are so precious. What a tremendous gift it is to be alive and to have a body and mind that functions well.
Weaknessess. They help us to be humble and they allow us to see how much we can progress when we depend on the Lord. If we were all perfect we wouldn`t ever have to depend on God and then we`d be miserable because it is only with Him that we find true happiness and lasting personal peace. 
Scriptures. Examples, advice, warning, encouragement. Heavenly Father has tried to communicate with us since the beginning of time and all of those stories we have at our fingertips. People have given their lives so that they could be possible. We should all honor them and honor our God by showing them that we appreciate this special and sacred gift.
Prayer. Sometimes we think of prayer as such a normal thing that we fall into the habit of merely saying prayers instead of really praying. The difference is huge. And the difference it can make in your life is even bigger. If we really understood how powerful prayer was we wouldn`t think to repeat the same lines and phrases. What a blessing to have a loving Heavenly Father who cares for us and cares abbout us and wants to hear about all the things that are important to us. We can use prayer as a way of overcoming so many trials we face.
Trails. Help us to recognize those weaknesses but also our strengths. They help us to be grateful for the things when they are well. So that the happy moments can be even happier. They teach us patience. Patience means not getting frustrated, stressed, unhappy, or discouraged when those trials do come. And it means that we trust in God`s timing. If He decides that our trail must be longer than that is what has to happen because He knows better than us. We can use prayer to help us with patience during our trials to learn to accept His will and His timing in all things.
Leaders. Truly the Lord uses our family and friends and leaders to be his hands for us. They are our angels. They help uplift us, strengthen our faith, bear our burdens with us, listen to us, cry with us, and give us hope when all seems lost. If you cannot do it then certainly they can. Working together is always better. 
Lots of reflection. Lots of repentance. Lots to be thankful for. I want to apologize for my many imperfections. I know that I have many. And I`m grateful for the love of all of you. For your examples. For your kind words. For your advice. For the ways in which you all seek to uplift me. I apologize for my pride and selfishness.
I`m studying a lot about the Spirit and I got to read an amazing talk called “Beware of Pride“. It has all been quite humbling. Our investigators are really starting to progress and move forward in faith. We had some strong opposition for one of our main families. The dad of this family had a rough encounter with one of his brothers who told him a bunch of anti-mormon things that shook him up. He`s been in our prayers a lot. It`s been a tremendous blessing to see some old faces including Elder Ward who was my ever-so-faithful District Leader in Punta Arenas (and is now my Zone Leader here). I`m so grateful for his leadership and his desire to love and to inspire and to help. I also got to see the lovely Hermana Nielsen who just got transfered into my Zone. Pretty funny. And my District Leader reminds me ever more of Skyler so it`s like having him here too.
´´And inasmuch as they were humble they might be made strong, and blessed from on high, and receive knowledge from time to time.´´ – D&C 1:28
Hna Lethco

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