Leaving a Legacy April 14, 2014

The lovely Miss Dalley left for her home on Friday and it was hard to see her leave but at the same time we were both really excited for her and the new adventures she´s going to have. On Friday morning we were leaving a meeting quite stressed because of all that we had to get done for Hermana Dalley`s departure – go to the bank, eat lunch, pack her bags, and a few other things. We had less than half the time we would need to do the things to actually do it. So there we were, leaving the chapel half walking half RUNNING and all of the sudden we see this lady on the side of the street waiting for the locomotion. She turned around and looked as us and we greeted her. I kept walking but Hermana Dalley stopped to talk. So I turned around and walked back to join in. As we started talking to this lady we began a really stellar contact that soon turned into a full on lesson. She had many questions about the church and life in general. The conversation continued and it started to rain a little. Then a little harder. And then a lot harder. I pulled out the umbrella I had and placed it over the four of us and the lady put on a hat and we continued talking. She wanted to know about what made us different and why there were so many churches. Who was Jospeh Smith? Did we have another Bible? We taught and testified and as we did so the rain seemed to get even harder. Under the umbrella all seemed fine until the wind started. I felt the resistance and I tried to hold on to the umbrella but the wind blew harder and faster! Soon my silent fight with the umbrella proved to be impossible and so I decided to put it away to save it from being broken and resigned to getting soaked (I´d ever so ´´smartly´´ left the house in the morning without my rain jacket, not something I would recommend doing in Puerto Montt). As the wind blew and the rain poured we continued to teach and testify to this lady. When I thought the rain couldn´t possibly get any harder it started to hail, pelting me and my companions in the face and yet there we stood. When we finally finished the contact and were on our way again ALL of us were soaked. I kind of chuckled to myself because that describes Hermana Dalley perfectly. These two weeks that I have had the pleasure to be her companion, I´ve learned SO much. She really just has a tremendous love for the people and even when we´re placed in difficult situtations she still reaches out with so much love to all she sees.
It makes me think about President Rappleye´s LEGACY TRADITIONS. Basically all that we do is because someone started doing it once long ago and then taught their companion and that companion all their companions and so forth. ´´Every scripture you use and every way you have of explaining things probably came from a missionary that is already home and married and has children – maybe even grandchildren.´´ Hermana Dalley has left us an amazing legacy tradition of love and true charity. 🙂
We´ve been working on adjusting since she left and we´ve been teaching lots and trying to contact everyone. 🙂 One of our main families has been struggling a lot. Before the dad was all in and the mom was luke warm and now the mom is going out of her way to go to baptisms and church and is reading the book of mormon and the dad is starting to back track a lot…. A huge blessing is that we used the advice of our ward mission leader and focused in the kid that just got baptised. During the lesson I handed him over my name badge and had him help teach. He was GREAT! He responded to his dad´s doubts beter that I probably could have and got really excited. Plus he read the scriptures we left him (we´re focusing on helping him learn about heroes from the Book of Mormon starting with Captain Moroni). He came to church again for the first time in 3 weeks with his mom so that was great!
Meanwhile, Hermana Gollehon is facing all the challenges of the mission like a CHAMPION. Her Spanish has improved a TON and she is really reaching out with love to a lot of people, investigators and members and crossing a lot of bridges. I absolutley love that girl. 
Oh! And this week we had intercambios with the sister training leaders so I got ot go to their sector for a day. It was actually way fun and I learned a TON from Hermana Ramirez. Plus the hermanas that stayed had a bunch of amazing lessons with REALLY prepared people. We´ve got appointments with them this week so stay tuned. 🙂
The Lord has his hand in all things and I especially feel his hand here in Pichi Pelluco.
Love you all, Hna Lethco
Love you all,

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