Letters without Ds are har to write… March 10, 2014

Congrats on the wedding and for Darcy going to the temple. I`ve always wanted to go to Salt Lake… Oh man, looks like the DD on this computer isn`t that great so if I`m missing some letters here an there…. Hopefully you get it still.

This week was better 🙂 Back on my feetsies. We had a stellar zone conference and did a ton of service. Turns out that my companion is SECA (that means DRY which is a way of saying very cool or very good at) chopping wood. 🙂 Oh yeah! Autumn is starting which basically means winter has come back. We`re back to rain jackets and rain boots and frizzy hair. Hooray! 
So the zone conference we got a lot of health advice from the doctor missionaries of Chile (fun stuff!) and then we got a great review of Elder Ballard`s special missionary conference a few weeks back. One of my favorite parts was when President Rappleye talked about Moses and how he too was afraid to rise to the call with which God had placed him. He said it`s OKAY to be afraid – if you weren`t maybe you`d be over confident and you wouldn`t be a good candidate as a servant of the Lord. So that was a huge comfort and a great pick-me-up.
Sorry I don`t have time. The computers here aren`t that great… but hey, at least I got to send some pics. 🙂 Blessings.
-Hna Lethco



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