Puerto Montt (a digest version… More to come!)

So…. I`ve got a gazillion thing to tell you but some gentleman started talking to me right after I sat down at the computer and I ended up teaching him a thirty minute lesson and killing all of my internet time… But the good thing is, he`s probably going to come to church and get baptized so that`s good. 🙂

Puerto Montt is amazing. Thank you for all of your prayers.  I am adjusting very quickly and I love it already. We found a bunch of amazing new people to teaching this week. Like 14. Including two families. We are already seeing miracles in the making.
My comp is AMAZING. Just finished her training. Very obedient. Very happy. She`s the seventh of twelve but only the second to serve a mission. Her parents are recent converts and not all of her family are members. She`s from Iowa. 🙂
Annnndddd…. The conference with Ballard was awesome. I haven`t cried like that in a long time. I used to cry all the time before my mission and when I first started but now I`m used to feeling the spirit all the time. But that was just… Wow. Having all of hte missionaries in the mission together. And an apostle. I have a TON to tell you. Ah! But next week. 🙂
Love you.
-Hna Lethco



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