How can you miss me when I send so many pictures??? December 30, 2013

Hahaha. Hope you´re enjoying all of these pictures that I´m sending. It was a really fun week to be here in Punta Arenas. And guess what? I get to stick around another transfer. We got the news that we both get the pleasure of being in Patagonia, Punta Arenas for 6 more weeks. Hooray! Everbody is leaving for summer vacation so we´re going to have like 5 members here… But as my companion says it just makes it easier to find the people that are going to get baptized in February! Hahaha. Good stuff.

We had a stellar Christmas with the best Christmas gift of all being that our principal investigator accepted a baptismal date in a couple of weeks. We´re way excited. 🙂 Here in Chile Christmas is actually celebrated the 24th. Everyone gets together and has a big dinner the night of the 24th really late at night and then everyone hangs out until midnight waiting for Santa Clause to get there. We didn´t get that so we thought some people had asked us to come over the 24th (more experienced members who know we wouldn´t get it specifically mentioned the date) and other people for Christmas (for us being the 25th). We figured we could squeeze in 2 each night – 4 in total. Butttt…. Turns out that all were expecting us to be there the 24th! Yikes! So we had lunch and then ate and ate and ate going from house to house until we had to be back in our apartment. I never want to eat so much meat again! 
Then Christmas day the tradition here is to go to the country and make a big fire and slow cook lamb and eat it with all of the family. But obviously we didn´t go to the country. Still, we had plenty to do and eat. And everyone kept giving us more food! i think we have like 7 pounds of chocolate in our appartment. SIGHHHH. Hahah. There goes the diet goal!
Ah well, apart from a fun Christmas we also had a really cool activity in the Plaza of Punta Arenas. One Elder got a HUGE pack of Chalk from the U.S. and a story from his mom about Elders in New York who drew the Plan of Salvation and taught. Welp, since there´s lots of tourists and everyone is out and about for the holidays we got permission to draw the plan of salvation in the punta arenas plaza. It was super fun and we taught a TON of people. I only got pictures at the very end when the people were already gone because I was teaching the whole time. We wrote all the titles and scriptures half in Spanish and in English. Lots of fun. 🙂
What else can I say…? Not sure! Mostly just that I love you all! I´ll let you know when Christmas makes it to Punta Arenas from California (don´t worry, my comp didn´t get anything either. Hahaha).
-Hermana Lethco

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