Hello hello! December 16, 2013

Here I am, Hermana Lethco from over the hill! Yep, that´s right folks. I made it over my 9 month mark even though it was Friday the 13th! Hahaha. I took sufficiently awkward pictures and laughed my head off with my companion. We actually forgot to do anything until just before bed and i was like OH! We have to take pictures! So that was that. We´ve been so busy that we´ve barely had time to do anything. We´re teaching piano classes to kids in the community one day a week and we just started another class teaching English PLUS we went and helped out some other Hermanas here in Punta Arenas because one broke her foot and can´t leave her bed (to give her companion a break from being in the house so she could leave and have a normal day of working). Saturday we had a beautiful baptism. She´s incredibly happy with everything especially with the changes she´s seen in herself. Her daughter is less active but came and is really happy that her mom is a lot more stable. We had another investigator that came to the baptism and then again to church to see her recieve the gift of the holy ghost and felt the spirit really strongly. She started crying at one part and left with this tremendous peace. I love Patagonia 🙂

What else can I tell you? I´m so used to having ZERO time to write that this time when I had very few pictures to send and now I have a little more time to write I have no clue what to say! Hahaha. I already jammed it all in the first 5 minutes! Perhaps some Chilean sayings. They´re pretty funny (and yes, I realize that many of them have to do with animals).
Anda con los monos OR Anda de maleta = Walk with the monkeys OR Walk out of your Suitcase >> Both mean to be in a bad mood
Hagamos una vaca = Let´s make a cow >> Everybody pitches in money
Estoy pata = I´m a duck >> Means you´re broke and don´t have any money
Me desayuné = I ate breakfast >> Means that you´re really surprised about what that person just said (I love this one hahahah)
Welp, I love you all! Hope you´re practicing your Spanish cuz my English is ROUGH. Hahaha.
 ABRAZOS all around 🙂
 -Hna Lethco



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