the temple = great blessings Oct. 28, 2013

Letters take even longer to get to me here because once they reach the mission office in Osorno they have to get sent again to Punta Arenas or they have to come with the mission president.  

Give ex-Elder Hogge a huge hug when he gets back. I`d love to hear how he`s doing. I also really wanted ot hear how Taylor and Tim are doing. Miss those kids!
Here we don“t have to chop firewood because all of the houses have a gas heater. It`s glorious.
Also, super glad that you`re going to the temple. Sometimes when I`m having a bad day I just wish that there was a temple nearby. How I miss the beautiful place.
This week had its ups and downs. The best part was our stake conference this weekend. We had a capacitation with President Rappleye in the morning, worked for a few ours and then returned for the adult session. There were two members of the 70 there and they talked about missionary work which was just what every missionary hopes for! The tremendous spirit of ths meeting continued for the final session that followed the next morning. Probably the best stake conference I`ve ever attended.
A little story in my last minute I have to write. We`re teaching a lady that recently had a stroke. She`s Evangelica (I don`t remember the word in English) but she started listing to us. We`ve been reading a little with her from the Book of Mormon, taking it in chunks because it`s hard for her to understand but every now and then she gets it and she gets all worked up. She`s been discouraged because she says she just doesn`t have the energy to pray and God must be so angry with her for being a rebel for so long. We then testified of the love of God and she was almost in tears. As we went to end the lesson she offered to say the prayer – her first time parying in almost a full year. In her prayer she thanked God for sending two of his servants to her home to fill the space that she didn`t know was missing in her heart. She asked Him to take care of us and to bless us. Ìt doesn`t matter that they`re from a different religion. Bless them, Lord. Bless them.` She sobbed as she prayed and we cried too. At the end we all cried and hugged. The Lord is softening the hearts of His children.
-Hna lethco



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