Thanksgiving with a ‘gringo’ companion: Prologue November 25, 2013

Yup, that´s right folks. After eight months it has finally come time for me to have an American companion. I told everyone that I didn´t want to have a companion from the states because I didn´t want to get lazy with my Spanish and backtrack. You of course learn a lot quicker with someone that speaks the language. Unfortunately one of the people that I told this to was Hermana Nielsen who is now my companion. Hahaha. She said when she found out she was like , ´OH dangit! She´s not going to want me!´ Hahaha. Don´t worry, I accepted her lovingly anyway!

Hermana Taquichiri left a little sad but ready to take on Puerto Varas and I got to meet up with Hermana Nielson (from Thousand Oaks, California) just a few short hours later. She´s tall, with brown hair and blue eyes which just makes the double takes double. But I guess that´s life sometimes! Hahaha. She´s a lot of fun. I´ve already had my fair share of laugh attacks (to the point of tears!) but we´ve also been teaching a TON. Looks like it´ll be a good transfer. She helps me remember just how incredibly wonderful this sector is. It´s also fun because she´ll get to celebrate Thanksgiving, my 9 months, Christmas and the New Year with me. 🙂 We already informed the sister from the ward that is going to make us lunch Thursday that it´s thankgiving. We´ll see how it all turns out! Hahaha
Ah yes, and Hermana Nielsen brought news from my lovely little La Unión. One of our investigators was baptized this Saturday! What a tremendous blessing! I am so proud of Hermana Sáenz! And more than anything I am really happy for this investigator. He felt the difference when we taught and really had the desire but because of his age (84 years old!) he thought it was too late for him to change. I am sure that there were many more miracles that lead up to his conversion. I hope I can run into her sometime soon so I can hear about them and see photos. 🙂
Speaking of photos, we were lazy and decided to not go to Centro today. So we´re writing from a little corner store near our house where the computers are a little funky so we can´t send photos. We are for sure going to centro next week so I promise we´ll send all of penguin pics then. We ended up making brownies and watching a movie about Joseph Smith at the house of our Mamita (even though she´s offically not our Mamita anymore, we still call her Mamita). Why don´t we have a Mamita anymore, you ask? Because we´ve started eating with the members. Each day is with someone different. It´s taking a little adjusting but it´s also been a huge blessing to be able to get to know the members better and share with them about our investigators. It´s helping instill in them the desire to share the gospel and invite others to learn about the gospel. 
I´m also hoping to see some letter soon. We haven´t gotten mail since the week before Halloween… Still waiting for the General Conference Liahona to arrive… Waiting and hoping… And praying…. Mail is slow but when it comes it´s the best!
Welp, that´s all for now! More about our AMAZING investigators and their progress next week!
-Hna Lethco



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