September 23, 2013

Sorry, this one is going to be ridiculously short. We got a phone call this morning and we had to go to Osorno today. It took up all of our pday time and I officially have less than 15 minutes to get back to the house and leave… Ahhh well. 

It was a good week. Crazy to think that it´s my only Fiestas Patrias that I´m going to have here in Chile. We celebrated with good food, wonderful people, service projects, catching up on the 12 Weeks program for my comp´s training anddd…. Oh! Branch activity. We had a stellar Open House with church tours the Saturday following and
we´re already making plans to do it again. Really cool. 
This week I had a clicking moment. I realized that I´m tired of excuses. We as humans are always full of excuses and always short on solutions. We´re quick to point the finger to someone or something else but never at ourselves. We always blame the situation for why we don´t act the way we should but when we see others doing things wrong we say that it´s just the way they are (there´s a psychology theory about this). I thought about all of this, all that´s happened, all that I´ve learned, all that I´ve come short, and all that I want to become, and I just decided that was it. I´m tired of waiting for something to change. What I really need to change is myself!
In Alma 5 it asks the question ¨Have you received his image in your countenance?¨but if you read before the question, he asks it to the members of the church. He asks US. And he asks the members of the church if they´ve been spiritually reborn of God. Yes, we are reborn at baptism, but we also have the opportunity to be reborn spiritually of God throughout our lives as we become more converted to the gospel. And each time we are born of God, we resemble Him more.
Sending lots of love your way! !!!
-Hna Lethco



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