An Interesting Week Sept. 2, 2013

An interesting week for sure… Our numbers for lessons taught PLUMMETED but it was for a good reason. We´re starting to read the Book of Mormon as a District (aka Stake). Starting September 1 reading 2 chapters a day means we finish 28 of December. We had to plan an activity of initiation that turned out great. The number of people that went was little BUT the next day in Sacrament Meeting (fast and testimony) everyone bore their testimony about how the Book of Mormon was the source of their testimony, how it gave them peace in times of trial, and how it had invited miracles in their lives. We had a number of our less actives there, including one I never though I´d see at church. The family I told you about last week (or was it the week before?) all 4 came to church and the youngest received his baby blessing. The Spirit was super strong. 🙂

I absolutely love our Branch President. He is incredibly supportive and never makes us feel like a burden. We´re working together a TON and achieving a lot of success. I really feel like he´s part of our team. 🙂 His wife is amazing too. She helped us out a ton with our activity Saturday night for the Book of Mormon initiation. They´re young but they´ve got great ideas, lots of love, and firm testimonies. Whenever our Branch President speaks I just have this burning in my chest that I can´t deny. He truly is a man called of and called to represent God. 
I had a ton of pictures to send but the USB port on this computer is broken… Woof. Hopefully next week…
I am refining my love for the scriptures and when we teach, we are teaching more and more with the scriptures and more and more with the Spirit. I feel so blessed to have a loving Heavenly Father who is so ready and so willing to help me, to guide me, and to lead me to help and guide others. We are struggling a bit to find people to teach but we have lots of faith and we´re going to try some new finding ideas. We´re set on baptizing this transfer and we´re going to do everything in our power to make it happen.
[[Tell me what you know about the gift of discernment]]
Lovin´s. 🙂
-Hermana ¡LETSGO!



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