You’ve had a Birthday Shout Horray July 29, 2013

Yup, that´s right. Miss Hermana Lethco has officially reached the age of twenty one. Woot woot! Our Mamita was so sweet. All week she asked me what I wanted to eat for my  birthday and in the end I decided to make Danni´s lemon crepes. We had them with Nutella, Manjar (this magical carmely sauce that´s amazing here), peanut butter, a bunch of fruit (strawberries, bananas, mandarine oranges, pineapple), oreos… What else? Basically everything that´s good and delicious in the world. Hahaha. Everything was sweet with is basically unheard of. Even the kids were complaining that it was too much sugar! Hahaha. Ah well… And then after we ate this cake (that´s called a pancake cake). It was delicious and orangie. Yummmmm. 🙂

It was also luck of the draw that la obra missional had planned a branch activity for my birthday. We had a talent show! We didn´t have a TON in attendance but we had enough to make it fun. I taught a number of the ladies in the Relief Society a Hula dance (don´t worry, it was slow and done to ¨I´m a Child of God¨ – nothing apostate) which turned out really well. Our Mamita and her husband danced a traditional dance from their country (Columbia). Our Branch President and his wife did a puppet show for the kids that was HILARIOUS (I recorded the whole thing – hoping I can buy a flash drive soon and mail home all my pictures and videos and stuff some day). Annndddd…. What else? We had food and music and someone brought Kareoke so everyone was singing along. We had 3 old investigators and one of our less actives at the activity so that was cool. You´ve got to start somewhere!
As for the work, things are picking up. It was a REALLY rough week for me but we pushed ourselves yesterday and taught a ton of people. In their doors, in the street, we even had a whole lesson with a lady who was up on the second story of her house and just talked to us through her window. Even though it was hard, it was incredibly rewarding.
Hermana Sáenz is doing REALLY well. I stand by my previous statement that she´s like the Guatemalteca version of Anne of Green Gables. She has a way of getting into the hearts of nearly everyone that we meet. She has a tremendous desire to learn and grow and improve and teach. She really helped me out a lot this week with her encouraging words and love (and spontaneous small people hugs). And just as you all have told me, even though I´m training her, I´m learning a whole lot more from her than she is from me.
I´m so grateful for my Father in Heaven, for his patience with me and for giving me another day on this earth and the mission. I´m grateful for the atonement and how it can give us strength when nothing else can. As I work to rely on the Savior more, I trust that I will find more rest (even though we´ll be working harder!).
We all have work, let no one shirk, put your shoulder to the wheel.
-Hna Letsgo!

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