I received your first DearElder (mom) this week.

I received your first DearElder (mom) this week. I believe it was Tuesday at our District Meeting. Nothing yet from anybody else though. Thanks for the pictures of Sky´s graduation. :))) It´s good to see Grandpa being the faithful grandpa that he is! And congrats to all the boys! Happy Birthday Sky! Hope your week isn´t super killer. I´ll be praying for you! Congrats to all who finished school! School here starts in January and goes through December so… It´s weird to think that it´s summer there because it´s getting colder, and colder and rainier and rainier. Seriously.
News on the street is that Hermana Lethco is getting a new companion. Ready to hear who? Hermana Centurión from Argentina! We´ll meet up with her in Osorno on Wednesday. All that I´ve heard about her is that she´s a ¨baptizing machine¨. I´m excited and nervous and all sorts of things. Changes to come yet but I´ll be staying in Radimadi so I get to move back to my house in a few days. 🙂
One of the funniest things that happened this week was Hermana Badal and I trying to explain what the word awkward meant to Hermana Navarro who is from Honduras. There is a word for uncomfortable but we agreed that it doesn´t quite carry the same significance. We even taught her about the awkward ´tortuga´. I´ve been making jokes a lot with them to try to break up the stress of having two sectors. When people ask me where I´m from on the street I like to tell them I´m from China which always throws them and then I tell them it´s a joke and we all laugh. Oh yes… And I don´t remember why but we were talking about Sesame Street with Hna Navarro and I was explaining about what happens on the show and I was explaining about the characters ´´and there´s a bird that´s yellow and big…. his name is big bird….´´ and we laughed and laughed and laughed.
This week was a long week working in both sectors trying to explain who certain people were to each other so that we could make decisions and agree as a companionship. Unity is so important! While I´m truly glad things will be back to ´normal´with only one sector this coming week, I am also grateful for what I have learned from these Hermanas. Hermana Navarro y Hermana Badal are wonderful missionaries that are really doing their best to improve daily. One of the most important things I think I´ve learned is the importance of having a vision of yourself and your investigators. I´ve thought about who I want to be n the next month, in the next year, and by the end of my mission. This is how and why I am setting my goals. But never did I think about having this vision of those whom we teach. For Hermana Navarro she is always challenging them to take the next step and to really reach their true potential. I believe Heavenly Father has this same love for us and this ´vision´of our potential is what the Plan of Salvation is all about.

I love the moment when you´re studying something and it just clicks. This week something very fundamental ´clicked´. I finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together about our purpose, the Book of Mormon, Christ, and the Spirit. The Spirit testifies of truth and influences us to become more perfect, even as Christ and our Father are perfect. Christ is the source of all truth. The Book of Mormon draws man closer to God more than any other book because it talks of Christ more than any other Book, therefore inviting the Spirit more than anything else. And by inviting the Spirit it brings that desire to change and become more perfect. This is why it is so crucial that we use the Book of Mormon! 

I don´t remember if I told you but Hermana Lopez went out strong. She actually taught the first lesson to someone sitting next to her at the airport while she and the mission president´s wife, Hermana Rappleye were waiting for her flight. Hahaha. She´s a great missionary. I know Heavenly Father set up our companionship how He did and when He did for more than one reason. I feel so blessed that He is taking the time to fine tune me and prepare me to be all that I can be. Even more, I feel honored that he has trusted me to take part in this great work. I am humbled by this knowledge and eternally grateful.

Another miracle of this week is that the Spirit guided us to the right time and the right place. One of the members in Caupolican told the Hermanas that they should start teaching her niece. We felt prompted to go visit this sister and it just so happened that her niece was on her way over and showed up maybe 10 minutes after we got there. Turns out she´s SUPER ready for baptism. Her baptism is scheduled for the 15 of June and she´s exciting and doing all she can to be ready. Josefina is an amazing girl who really was prepared. It´s almost unreal.
I don´t have time for anything else. Sorry it was so short… Loving you all lots! You are all in my prayers and close to my heart even if we can´t be close physically.
-Hna Lethco



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