A Week of Miracles April 9, 2013

Guess what?! My time here in the MTC is coming to an end! I only have 12 more days here and then I’m off to CHILE!!! Woo! I should be getting my travel plans next week! When I gave Sister Mullen a hug on Sunday before she flew out Monday, her excitement was just contagious! 😀 I feel a lot more old and experienced here at the MTC because we just got in a set of new sister this last week.They’re adorable. The first two nights I was pretty worried because one wasn’t adjusting well but now they both look like they’re doing fine and even though Portugese is hard, they’re putting up a valiant effort! One of them had her birthday this week so we made sure to decorate her closet with Happy Birthday sticky notes. Our District Leader also had his birthday this week and the hermanas had a TON of fun putting together the stuff for him. Hahaha. Soooo we have this thing called a share box and also a share table where sisters can share things that they don’t want. Unwanted food, books, binders, clothes, shoes, etc. You name it! The Hermanas are BIG fans but the Elders were pretty creaped out by it, especially our district leader, Elder Bate. So OF COURSE for his birthday we filled a box full of some HILARIOUS share table/box finds. Including a half full bottle of Martinelli’s, some stale peeps from easter, a bag of tuna…. Oh man. His reaction was hilarous. We were laughing super hard. We also decorated the board and the class door. 🙂 Another really funny thing that happened was a story the elders shared with us. Elder West came out of the bathroom and flexed for Elder Lazerson to which E. Lazerson responded, “Did anything change?” Then, Elder West said, “Faith is hope in things which are not seen but which are hoped for.” Hahaha. I love our district!
On the more spiritual side, how was everyone’s General Conference?? All of the missionaries just loved it! I was writing notes like a crazy person! hahaha. And every single one of my questions that I had written down got answered over the course of the sessions. I heard Priesthood was really good too and I’m excited to read it! I know that all of the other Elders and Hermanas in my district recieved answers to their questions too. Some of them been going through some pretty intense trials too and as they have shared and as I have gotten to partake and see these miracles take place I truly stand all amazed. I am really learning to love God above all else. One thing that stood out to me from conference is that when I was overcome with the gratitude for all of the people that helped get me to where I cam – family, friends, the community. My time on the computer is SUPER limited so I’m going to send you a snail mail with all of the things because I don’t want to rush through and miss a single one!
With our investigators, Enrique and Jose Luis, I have been seeing some pretty cool miracles occuring in theirs lives. One particular thing that was amazing was with Enrique we were teaching about the restoration and the Book of Mormon and he was all for it. He thought it was a really cool idea and was taking notes on what we said but then through a series of inspired questions we were able to help him realize just now important our message is. If the Book of Mormon is the word of God then Joseph Smith was a prophet, Jesus Christ reestablished his church on the earth, and we have a living prophet TODAY. He was also in tears. Enrique has been a faithful member in his own church for over twenty years and we could see his love of God and the word of God. He said he would pray to know it was true. Our most recent lesson was scheduled for Saturday night. We knocked on the door and immediately we could tell that something was wrong. He didn’t even let us in the door. And so we asked a few questions and finally he todl us that he didn’t want to pray because he didn’t want to feel like he was betraying his own church. He wasn’t ready for the change. He told us that he’d lived in the same house for almost his whole life and he was really established and happy where he was. He was going to drop us! And then I looked up at him and asked what he thought God wanted for him right now. And then we had a simple and short but incredibly powerful bearing of testimonies with him right there in front of the door. It was only maybe 7 minutes from when we got there until we left but it was amazing. And at the end he said he would agree to meet with us next (this) week. That was a miracle.
This week take a moment to look for the miracles in your life everyday. Take a moment to ask what it is that God wants for you in your life right now and then have the courage to ask why. I love you all so much.
-Hermana Lethco

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